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Get Medical Support on Your
Weight Loss Journey

Functional Weight Loss in Oklahoma 

Maintaining a healthy weight is a core piece of your overall wellness. If you’ve struggled with your weight for what feels like forever, functional weight loss in Oklahoma will open new doors in your weight loss journey and help you achieve your goals under the supervision of a functional medicine doctor. 

Push Your Body to Work for You, Not Against You

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America, and for some people, this might be partly due to having a genetic predisposition that negatively affects how you metabolize foods. If you’ve tried every diet and feel you have exhausted all your options, Dr. Bargas offers a physician-supervised weight management program using alternative, science-based solutions to help your gut and body work together to get down to a healthy, sustainable weight. 

With our Olympia Weight management Protocol, you’ll see results with the following services: 

  • Quarterly check-ins with Dr. Bargas
  • Monthly body composition assessment
  • Weekly weigh-ins at Bargas Wellness
  • Weekly Lipo-Mino Mix IM injection
  • Weekly fingerstick ketone assessment
  • Meal plans designed by Dr. Bargas
  • Naltrexone (nightly oral)
  • Sermorelin (nightly sub-Q injection)
  • Lipo-Trim (Daily oral spray)
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The Value of a Physician-Supervised Weight Management Program

Overcoming obesity has many benefits on your life, including reducing your risk of diabetes, limiting your chance of developing heart disease, and potentially extending your life. If you are overweight, you likely feel depleted of energy, struggle to sleep, and struggle to lower your stress levels. Over the course of the weight loss program, we’ll partner with you to help you achieve a healthy weight and instill healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

Your physician-suggested and supervised plan may include:

Weekly injections of Lipo-Mino mix. This injection contains fat-burning ingredients, including methionine, choline, inositol, L-carnitine, and B vitamins to help your body turn fat into energy, reduce appetite, build muscle, and promote a healthy immune system.

Nightly low doses of Naltrexone taken orally.  Low-dose naltrexone may help decrease insulin levels, which can help increase growth hormone levels. These growth hormones help your body burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass. Other benefits include reduced hunger and increased mental clarity.

Nightly sub-Q injections of Sermorelin. Administered using a subcutaneous injection, sermorelin stimulates your body to produce more growth hormones. This medication can also increase recovery time after working out and restore your body’s natural sleep cycle. 

Lipo-Trim sublingual spray. Sprayed under your tongue, this medication can help increase your metabolism, restore energy levels, and minimize food cravings. It can also aid in immune support. 

Custom meal plans and calorie intake management. Lowering your calorie intake and eating a healthy diet are essential for losing weight. Dr. Bargas will develop a custom meal plan that manages your calories and nutrients over the course of the program. 

“Dr. Bargas listened to my husband’s and my health and fitness goals, created a plan, along with integrating a plan that included medical issue goals. She was very thorough and followed up quickly in providing us with the information we needed to move forward with our health plan. I’m beyond pleased!”

C.M. (verified patient)

Join the B’Well Lose Functional Weight Loss Program 

Your weight loss goals are attainable, and we’re here to help. B’Well Lose is a functional weight loss program that offers the Olympia Weight Management Protocol to help you achieve optimum results and make amazing progress in reaching a healthy weight. This program is available at a monthly fee and includes all the medications and services offered by Dr. Bargas for medically supervised weight loss. This includes periodic check-ins, weigh-ins, meal plans, ketone assessments, and body composition assessments.