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Integrative Cardiologist & Functional Medicine Doctor in Oklahoma

The path to health and longevity begins with your heart. Our focus is on healing your body and making you well – not just masking the symptoms. Join forces with Bargas Wellness and discover an integrative cardiologist and functional medicine doctor that will fight by your side.

Cardiology With Functional Medicine Support

Bargas Wellness is integrative cardiology and functional medicine practice that partners with patients throughout Oklahoma to treat common heart conditions and improve their overall well-being. We take a highly personalized and integrative approach to whole-body heart health, combining conventional knowledge and acute symptom management with functional and alternative treatments that address the root cause of your condition.

Our goal is to cure you and help you thrive – not just medicate you to keep you alive. We’ll dig deep into your health history and perform comprehensive testing to get the whole picture. Your personalized treatment plan will make you feel better than just okay. We won’t give up until you’re truly well.

Your Heart Is in Good Hands

Dr. Royce Bargas

Dr. Royce Bargas

Oklahoma’s only cardiologist certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. Bargas is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Electrophysiology, and by the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has over ten years of experience helping patients get to the root cause of chronic disease and making sustainable changes that improve their overall health and wellness.

Our Functional and Integrative Health Services in Oklahoma

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Integrative Cardiology

Your heart deserves more than medication and a scalpel. If you’re concerned about your heart, drugs aren’t the end-all solution. We’ll help you achieve optimal heart wellness by taking your whole health and lifestyle into account.

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Functional Medicine

Chronic diseases are complex and personal. If you’re feeling unwell, you need an answer and solution to what’s disrupting your health. With functional medicine, we’ll fight by your side to unearth the root cause of your condition.

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Functional Weight Loss

Your body should be at a healthy weight to achieve optimal wellness. With medical weight loss, Dr. Bargas will manage your diet, fitness, and lifestyle to help you meet your weight loss goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

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IV Therapy

Your body requires many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your wellness. With IV therapy, these nutrients are delivered straight to your bloodstream, bypassing your body’s digestive system. 

Health Coaching

Setting goals is only the beginning of your wellness journey – working toward them every day is a whole other challenge. Functional Medicine Health Coaching is a valuable tool in helping you maintain vital lifestyle changes.

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Cognitive Health

Your mind and heart health are intricately linked. Dr. Bargas is a certified ReCODE 2.0 practitioner and follows the Bredesen Protocol to improve cognition and both prevent and treat dementia – including early Alzheimer’s disease.

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More From Dr. Royce Bargas

Listen to Dr. Bargas talk about how the rules are made by hospitals, Big Pharma, and the government on the Ultra Life Today podcast. Discover why doctors and patients are becoming so disillusioned with medicine in the money-driven model of modern healthcare.

You’ll be shocked to learn how the standard-of-care guidelines are determined! Fortunately, there’s a way to sidestep the problems presented by this model. Discover a better model of care today.

Are You Ready to Fight for Your Heart?

We are in this fight with you. Have you been told the only solution to your heart condition or chronic health issue is a drug or treatment that simply masks or manages your symptoms? When you choose Bargas Wellness as your integrative cardiology provider and functional medicine specialist, you get a true fighter in your corner. Dr. Bargas will get to the root cause of your condition and work with you to make critical changes in your treatment and lifestyle.