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Don’t Just Wish For Wellness,
Achieve It

Functional Health Coaching in Oklahoma 

Wellness is a goal worth fighting for – but it can be difficult to fight for alone. If you’re struggling to make necessary changes to your lifestyle, you’re not alone. Functional health coaching will provide you with the support and training to help you improve your health and feel well. 

Get Support for the Road Ahead 

Functional medicine is built around the idea that true wellness is achievable if you can identify and attack the underlying cause of dysfunction in your body. Often, this dysfunction is caused by a variety of factors, including your lifestyle. If you struggle to eat well, get enough sleep, manage stress, and get exercise, your body will not be able to function as it should. 

Our health coach, Sue Forbat, has been recognized by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching as a certified health coach. As one of the only clinics in Oklahoma qualified to offer functional health coaching, you can expect: 

  • Goal setting session with your health coach 
  • Coordinated care between physician and health coach 
  • Step-by-step guidance on implementing lifestyle changes 
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges  
  • Respectful, nonjudgmental check-ins on progress 
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Ten Simple Ways to Manage Stress

If managing the multiple demands on your time and getting through your day has become a challenge, stress management can be transformative. It is possible to implement strategies to reduce stress, often before it even starts!

Bargas Wellness’s own Sue Forbat, RN, FMCHC, discusses:

  • What stress is and how it affects us physically and emotionally
  • Keys to managing stress and how this is integral to your overall health
  • 10 holistic and easy-to-implement stress-reduction tips you can start right away—no matter how hectic it gets!

Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes With Health Coaching 

While many people know that changing their lifestyle could benefit their health, making these changes is challenging and hardly happens overnight. Health coaching can supplement your functional medicine or integrative treatment to help you effectively transform your life and prevent or reverse disease. 

Many studies have shown the benefits that health coaching has in helping you take the lead in improving your health while providing positive guidance and support along the way: 

Follow through with your prescribed lifestyle changes. In many cases, medication is not the answer to preventing heart disease or a chronic condition. If your personalized treatment plan includes lifestyle changes, your health coach will help you succeed. 

Gain valuable training and education. Sometimes the issue isn’t that you aren’t willing to make vital changes in your life but that you just don’t know how. Your health coach will listen to your concerns and questions and provide insights.

Push through barriers along the way. The reality is that you will face barriers in your health journey. Whether you struggle to make changes in the beginning or lose steam later down the road, your health coach will help encourage and strategize with you to push through. 

Discover a non-judgmental accountability partner. A little accountability goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals. When you know you’re not alone and that someone else is rooting for you, you’re more likely to follow through with the milestones you set for yourself. 

Improve your physical and mental health. Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to your health. Health coaching can help you address the mental roadblocks to your success and make changes to benefit both your physical and mental health. 

“Great doctor. Pleasant staff. The doctor spends adequate time with each patient so we don’t feel rushed. She takes your overall health into consideration when diagnosing and treating issues. Would recommend her!”

M.K. (verified patient)

Need Some Extra Support in Improving Your Health? 

Are you struggling to follow through on your health goals or want to ensure you are well supported in getting well? Your health coach is a valuable partner on this journey to ensure you make the changes necessary to feel well. Health coaching is available to any Bargas Wellness patient and is supplemental to your functional medicine or integrative cardiology treatment plan.