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Your Heart Is the Key to
Being Well

Integrative Cardiology in Oklahoma

Your heart is the wellspring of life, and amazing heart health is a goal worth fighting for. At Bargas Wellness, it’s our goal to make your heart as healthy as possible, supporting wellness in every area of your life.

Partner With a Cardiologist Who Has Your Wellness at Heart

Dr. Royce Bargas is Oklahoma’s only cardiologist certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has more than 10 years of experience treating heart disease and other heart-related conditions in the state of Oklahoma. As an integrative cardiologist, Dr. Bargas considers the full picture of your heart health, considering your physical activity, emotional health, metabolic factors, genetic background, complete health history, and nutrition.

Dr. Bargas manages all aspects of cardiovascular disease and electrophysiology, including:

  • Implanted cardiac device management
  • Heart disease prevention and treatment
  • Coronary artery disease treatment
  • Preoperative cardiac evaluations
  • Atrial fibrillation prevention and treatment
  • SVT arrhythmia treatment
  • Bradycardia diagnosis and treatment
  • Tachycardia diagnosis and treatment
  • Hypertension prevention and treatment
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How Integrative Cardiology Is Different

Integrative cardiology blends the best of cutting-edge conventional heart health care with personalized, comprehensive treatment and preventative care. Conventional cardiology plays a vital role in acute heart care, such as saving someone’s life in the event of a heart attack or heart failure, and medication can help mitigate heart disease risk factors and prevent poor outcomes when appropriate.

Integrative cardiology goes even farther:

Step outside the limitations of a diagnosis. Conventional medicine is good at putting patients in a box. Our primary goal is not to diagnose you but to help you feel your absolute best.

Discover the root cause of your heart problems. Finding out you have heart disease or hypertension is not enough – you need to know why these issues exist in the first place to effectively address them.

See the full picture of your whole-body heart health. Your heart health is linked to your overall wellness. We’ll investigate every area of your health with thorough testing and fully analyzing your records.

Get comprehensive, highly personalized treatment. Your heart and health profile are unique to you. Your treatment plan will be individualized to your needs, including diet changes, exercise guidance, supplements, and other therapies.

Reverse heart issues and feel well. The goal of integrative treatment is to restore your heart and make it well– not just give you medication in hope of preventing a heart attack.

“I was referred to Dr. Bargas for having some weird dizziness. She was able to find the cause and correct it – Actually saving my life. She has continued to care for me, and I would not trade her for anyone. She is great! Very driven Doctor! What you want when you are talking about the heart. Her staff is great too!”

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Join the B’Well Heart Integrative Cardiology Program

Are you looking for the highest level of support available to you in your fight for your heart? B’Well Heart is an integrative cardiology membership program that allows us to go above and beyond the services typically covered by a typical insurance plan. With this hybrid model, all standard services, including clinic and virtual visits, standard testing, and traditional procedures are billed to your insurance.